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Taffe Consulting

Got people?

 ...people got problems?

Mental health strategy for the real world

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Tackle tough discussions about mental health, race and trauma with confidence and kindness.

Culturally Agile

We connect diverse populations with care and support by embracing cultural differences, localized attitudes, and social stigmas.  Understanding otherness is our key to creating equity, inclusion, and belonging.

Clinically Informed

Our experience providing mental health support and training in trauma, addictions, and crisis intervention provides a wealth of knowledge and expertise to support you and your people.


We reveal practical pathways to clear communication and healing around socially challenging mental health topics with roleplay, act-it-out facilitation, and creative engagement techniques.


Theatrically Engaged
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Taffe Consulting's trainings and workshops blend clinical excellence, practical application, and theatrical role play to bring to life and solve real world challenges.


Strategic Consulting

Tactical Intervention


Integrative Counselling

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